FAQ – Florida Sailfish Cup

How do I register for the tournament?


What is the entry fee?

      – 3 Day Play – $800 per boat
      – 1 Day Slay – $400 per boat
There are additional optional entry calcuttas that teams can enter as well.

What are the eligible species of fish?

Sailfish, White Marlin, and Blue Marlin

What are the tournament dates?

The Florida Sailfish Cup offers a unique format that allows teams to select their own days of fishing from Jan 1 to June 30.

How Do We Schedule a Day of Fishing?

Once registered, simply log into your account and follow the ‘Schedule Fishing Day’ steps. NOTE: A fishing day must be scheduled by 11pm on the preceding day. After 11pm a fishing day cannot be scheduled for the following day.

Can We Cancel a Scheduled Day of Fishing?

Yes, however, that must be done in your account no later than 11pm on the preceding day. After 11pm you will not be able to cancel for the following day.

What if there is a tie?

In the event of a tie, winners will be determined by the team or individual that releases their last fish first.

What are the hook requirements?

As required by NMFS, all teams must use a non-offset circle hook in each tournament.

Do the tournaments adhere to IGFA rules?

No. While there are aspects of the tournament rules that are consistent with IGFA standards, there are some elements of the rules that deviate from IGFA mandated rules. Contact the tournament director if there are any specific questions related to tournament rules.

How many lines can we fish?

All boats are permitted to fish up to (7) lines in the water during each tournament. A maximium of (2) teasers (artificial or natural) are allowed and do not factor into the count for the permitted number of lines in the water. Live bait teasers are not permitted.

Is Hook & Hand Permitted in the Tournament?

Yes. Teamwork makes the dream work!

What method is used to verify sailfish releases in the tournament?

All releases must be documented on video by each team as stated in the rules. SD cards are the recommended format for recording video in the tournament. Teams must provide their own media.

Do We Have to Call in our Releases?

No. As part of the validation requirement of releases on video, each team will conclude each release on video showing time and date.

How do we record our releases?

Following a scheduled day of fishing, a designated member from the team will log into their account to enter the release information online and upload their media for review and validation of releases.

Is live chumming allowed in the tournament?

No. Live chumming is not permitted. Frozen chum is allowed.

What are the boundaries in the tournament?

No Boundaries. Team can fish where they want from Fernandina Beach to Key West, FL.

What time are lines in?


What time are lines out?


How does the Mulligan Day Work?

The mulligan day is essentially an insurance policy. It gives teams the ability to purchase an additional day of fishing up front that can be used to replace their lowest scoring day in the 3-day or 1-day tournament.

Can We Use Another Tournament Day as a Day for the Florida Sailfish Cup?

Works for us if it works for them!

In the 1-Day Format, can a Small Boat also Win the Team Division?

You know it!

Can a Charter Boat win the Team Division in the 1-Day Format?

Yes and we would love to see that!