MARCH, 2023

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The Madness Shows no Signs of Slowing Down


The roar of the March Madness tournament has spilled over into the Atlantic, igniting an electrifying frenzy amongst four fishing teams who’ve released a whopping 83 sails over two days of fishing this month. It all started in the Keys with Carma/Catchin’ Z’s, who sent the competition reeling by dominating their day two with an impressive 21 for 30 on March 2nd. Not to be outdone, Still Right flexed their muscles with an easy 11 on the board the day after. But then came the defending champions of the Florida Sailfish Cup, Old No.7, who stormed onto the scene in the south zone with a vengeance, going 22 for 28 and 15 for 20 on March 14th and 15th, respectively, sending shockwaves through the competition. And as if that wasn’t enough, Team On-Sail took their turn in the spotlight, effortlessly putting 14 sails on the board out of 16 attempts on March 15th. The South and Keys Zone has become a battleground, and these teams are fighting tooth and nail to claim their victory in the Florida Sailfish Cup!


Current Standings


Overall Leaderboard

1st Place – KILLBOX – 55 Points
2nd Place – Old No. 7 – 37 Points
3rd Place – Carma/Catchin’ Z’s – 21 Points
4th Place – On Sail – 14 Points
5th Place – Still Right – 11 Points

North Zone 

No fishing days scheduled

Central Zone

No fishing days scheduled

South Zone

1st Place – Old No. 7 – 37 Points
2nd Place – On Sail – 14 Points
3rd Place – Priceless – 9 Points

Keys Zone

1st Place – KILLBOX – 55 Points
2nd Place – Carma/Catchin’ Z’s – 21 Points
3rd Place – Still Right – 11 Points

The madness shows no signs of slowing down with the ideal conditions on the horizon. It’s all up to the teams to push themselves beyond their limits and stake their claim to glory. With over two months left to fish, there’s still plenty of time for the teams with fishing days available to shake things up and turn the tide in the competition. Who will emerge victorious in this thrilling tournament? Only time will tell. Stay tuned in on the Sailfish Cup Leaderboard for live-action updates!

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Imagine a fishing tournament format where teams get to decide when they fish, where they fish, and how they fish. Guess what? The all new Florida Sailfish Cup makes that concept a reality with an innovative new format that enables teams to choose their own days of fishing during the course of the season! Gone are the days of an epic sailfish bite that never lands on tournament day!

The Florida Sailfish Cup covers the entire east coast of Florida with 4 fishing zones and boundaries that extend from Fernandina Beach to Key West. Winners in the Florida Cup are determined based on their total number of releases recorded over 3 days of fishing. And the kicker? Every team will have the ability to buy a mulligan day at the start of the season to replace their worst day of fishing if they choose.

In addition to the prestige of claiming victory as the top overall team in the Florida Cup, there will also be cash awards and trophies for the top team in each zone along with overall calcuttas, zone calcuttas, dailies for the zones and overall, and cash prizes for dead bait boats as well! Let the Countdown to the Cup Begin!




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