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The Clock is Winding Down on the 2023 Florida Sailfish Cup


The 2023 Florida Sailfish Cup is nearing its long-awaited conclusion, and the intensity is evident. Teams are giving it their all in a final push to claim the coveted Florida Cup. As the clock winds down, KILLBOX continues on their relentless pursuit of sails to claim the overall title. Their Day 3 was an epic battle, with an astonishing 10 releases on a treacherous offshore journey. With a total of 65 releases, KILLBOX has shown no signs of backing down unless it’s on another sailfish to maintain a solid lead on the fleet.


Not to be outdone, the defending Florida Cup champions, Old No.7, stormed into action in the South Zone just two days later. Determined to reclaim their throne, they harnessed their skill and expertise to put 2 sails on the board. Unsatisfied with their performance, they took advantage of their mulligan day, to put up 6 releases and solidify their spot in 2nd place with 43 releases. 


In the midst of the South Zone battle between KILLBOX and Old No.7, team FFMD decided to make their mark. Seizing the opportunity during Leg 3 of Quest for the Crest, they managed to release 2 sails on their first day of fishing the cup. While their performance might not have been enough to thrust them into contention among the competitors, their effort earned them a remarkable 2nd-place finish overall at Final Sail


As the dust settles and the leaderboard takes shape, it’s clear that the battle for 1st and 2nd place is firmly locked in. However, the fight for 3rd place is where the suspense lies. Currently, team On Sail holds a slight edge with 26 releases. Yet, lurking just behind them, team Carma/Catchin’ Z’s is closing in with 25 releases. 


The gap is narrowing, and On Sail has one last opportunity to secure 3rd, with their Day 3 still available to fish. Similarly, Carma/Catchin’ Z’s has one more shot to use their mulligan day to propel them into 3rd. Only time will tell if these teams decide to duke it out.


Current Standings


Overall Leaderboard

1st Place – KILLBOX – 65 Points

2nd Place – Old No. 7 – 43 Points

3rd Place – On Sail – 26 Points

4th Place – Carma/Catchin’ Z’s – 25 Points 

5th Place – Priceless – 19 Points


North Zone 

No fishing days scheduled 


Central Zone

No fishing days scheduled 


South Zone

1st Place – Old No. 7 – 43 Points

2nd Place – On Sail – 26 Points

3rd Place – Priceless – 13 Points


Keys Zone

1st Place – KILLBOX – 55 Points

2nd Place – Carma/Catchin’ Z’s – 21 Points

3rd Place – Still Right – 11 Points


With the clock ticking and the window of opportunity closing, the stage is set for a grand finale. Who else will rise to the occasion and embark on one last attempt to ascend the leaderboard? The suspense is rising, and the air crackles with anticipation as the battle for the Florida Sailfish Cup reaches its climactic peak. Who will emerge victorious in this thrilling tournament? Only time will tell. Stay tuned in on the Sailfish Cup Leaderboard for live-action updates!


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Imagine a fishing tournament format where teams get to decide when they fish, where they fish, and how they fish. Guess what? The all new Florida Sailfish Cup makes that concept a reality with an innovative new format that enables teams to choose their own days of fishing during the course of the season! Gone are the days of an epic sailfish bite that never lands on tournament day!


The Florida Sailfish Cup covers the entire east coast of Florida with 4 fishing zones and boundaries that extend from Fernandina Beach to Key West. Winners in the Florida Cup are determined based on their total number of releases recorded over 3 days of fishing. And the kicker? Every team will have the ability to buy a mulligan day at the start of the season to replace their worst day of fishing if they choose.


In addition to the prestige of claiming victory as the top overall team in the Florida Cup, there will also be cash awards and trophies for the top team in each zone along with overall calcuttas, zone calcuttas, dailies for the zones and overall, and cash prizes for dead bait boats as well! Let the Countdown to the Cup Begin!




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